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The festive season is very challenging for anybody on a weight management program. Holidays for most people mean sleeping late, relaxing, and staying away from a hectic fitness regime. Then to make matters worse, there are many reasons to indulge in delicious food, wine, bubbles, gin and tonic, etc.

This year I could not cycle the whole of December due to a wrist operation. Still, despite this setback, I was pleasantly surprised when I climbed onto the InBody scale and discovered that I maintained all my stats and, albeit only 0.2%, I lost body fat!!!

Having reached all my goals, I am now in the maintenance phase of my weight loss programme, thus, being allowed certain latitude; however, this does not mean I am at liberty to overindulge. Did I enjoy my holiday? Absolutely! I had some festive bubbles and a social glass of wine here and there and, on the odd occasion, a small helping of dessert, etc., but I didn’t do it every day and certainly not all day long.

I ascribe my successful holiday season to three things; (1) I kept mindful of my new eating pattern, i.e., low-carbohydrate/low-GI, (2) I kept active by walking every day, and (3) I used three products during the holidays: Slender Wonder Aqua cherry to boost my metabolism; Slender Wonder 3-in-1 to help feeling fuller for longer and inhibit fat and carbohydrate metabolism; Slender Wonder Lipo Lite drops to curb cravings and helps feeling fuller for longer.


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