Slender Wonder is a weight loss program that has been around for over 40 years. The doctors at Slender Wonder combine the latest discoveries in the field of weight loss with scientifically proven principles that have stood the test of time.

During the past decade, there has been an explosion of research published about the specific functions of Leptin on a cellular level and the signaling cascades that mediate its effects. Deficiencies in Leptin are associated with obesity—the program targets one of the origins of obesity, namely the amount of circulating leptin levels in the body. Evidence indicates that Leptin is crucial in regulating body fat by coordinating metabolism, eating behaviour, energy balance, and neuroendocrine response. Leptin “tells” the brain the body does not require any food and feels full. Conversely, low leptin levels mean the brain does not get the message, and the body “screams” for food all the time, leading to uncontrolled eating. In summary, overweight people may have large amounts of Leptin, but the brain is not getting the vital signal to stop eating due to a phenomenon called ‘Leptin resistance’.

Years of research have shown that HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) stimulates the release of Leptin and increases its activity up to 12.9 times. HCG restores Leptin sensitivity, and the brain receives the messages (again), thus preventing the “Starvation Response”.
The program is flexible and will help clients change their eating habits without starving themselves. It is well balanced and incorporates a calorie-restricted eating plan to ensure that Leptin is breaking down unwanted fat for energy. The program includes Slender Wonder supplements consisting of vitamins, minerals, cleansers, anti-oxidants, fibre-rich supplements, fat blockers, and natural appetite inhibitors to reduce carbohydrate cravings and increase metabolism.

HCG can only be prescribed upon a physical consultation. Clients are monitored and supported every two weeks during the weight loss phases throughout the program to ensure maximum success:
Once off - 2 Days
Once off - 1 -3 Days
Weight loss phase
Weight Loss Phase 1
For a minimum 4 - maximum 6 weeks, Follow Simeon B meal plan or Slender Wonder Activate. After 6 weeks, follow ‘Go Moderate’ plan for 2 weeks. If the goal weight was reached, go to the stabilisation phase.
Repeat the Weight Loss Phases until the goal weight is reached for a maximum of up to 3 times
Weight Loss Phase 2
If the target weight has not been reached, go back to the phase 1 Simeon B diet plan. If the goal weight was reached, go to the stabilisation phase
Once off - 1 Month
Once off - 1 Year

Slender Solutions Weight Loss Package: Elite



Slender Wonder is a proven medical weight loss plan that will provide you with what you will need to see results in four weeks. The formula is based on a low-GI eating plan, the Slender Wonder products, and a series of injections (not included in the package). The package consists of all the products listed and support.

  • Protein Shake 900g
  • CLA 56 1000mg
  • Purivite 56
  • Herba Boost 56
  • Magnetine 56
  • Omega 3
  • Wonder Cleanse 48
  • K-L Cleanze
  • Info pack and shaker


  • Two one-on-one consultations, including InBody assessment and anthropometrical measurements.
  • Once you have paid, you can go ahead and book your consultation time here:

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