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Beyond Body Mass Index (BMI) and body weight Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a method used to monitor health by looking at body composition.

For some clients, the number of kilograms lost is significant, and others will mention clothing size as a measure of success, for others, what matters is body composition. These measures are equally important and form part of the holistic approach to treatment.

What is body composition?

InBody Dial

Tracking your progress with a normal weight scale is limited. What really matters is body composition. Increasing muscle and losing fat makes your body slimmer, metabolically active and healthy. The InBody Dial changes the paradigm of a normal weight scale, starting form percent body fat, muscle mass, BMI to visceral fat level.
Percent Body Fat
Skeletal Muscle Mass
Basal Metabolic Rate
Visceral Fat Level
Body Mass Index

Revolutionising BIA Technology with InBody

InBody's medical-grade body composition analysers rely on four pillars of technology to give you extremely accurate and precise BIA results that are highly correlated to gold-standard methods.

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