Don’t let FOMO prevent you from a healthy and happier you; you deserve it


Primarily those who join this programme do so to lose weight. The good news is that your goal can be achieved, and your goal weight is within your grasp if you follow the program precisely as directed. The challenge at this stage is investing the emotional energy to sustain a restricted-calorie diet.

Once you have achieved your goal weight, the challenge is keeping it there. With this in mind, the programme encourages a year maintenance plan that comprises some products combined with a healthy eating plan as part of a long-term strategy. The idea is to maintain your goal weight and promote a more sustainable eating habit that provides the proper nutrition your body needs for healthy functioning.

Ultimately, OUR goal is to inspire you to take a holistic approach to healthy eating and living. Consequently, we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to decide what unhealthy habits you want “ditch” and which “new” ones you want to form after reaching your goal weight.

We believe removing all sugar (including hidden sugars) from your eating plan should be your priority. Needless to say that significantly reducing sugar and saturated fats is a sure way to prevent and even reverse the most prevalent of lifestyle diseases, diabetes.

The potential obstacle to ditching old habits is that it unleashes a feeling of deprivation even before you start and a “fear of missing out” (FOMO).

Don’t let FOMO prevent you from a healthy and happier you; you deserve it!
Isabel & Jose

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