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In parts one to three of the short blog series “Complex versus Simple or Processed Carbohydrates”, we discussed why all foods are not equal in the way they affect blood sugar and insulin release ( It is clear that considering that Glycemic Index (GI) or more accurately the Glycemic Load (GL) relates to the food’s impact on blood sugar levels. Low carbohydrate and low GL eating plans are therefore recommended for holistic health. Generally, complex carbohydrates are higher in fibre and digest more slowly, keeping the blood sugar levels stable and preventing some chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. What about dental health?

Mouth diseases and diabetes influence each other. Studies indicate that people with mouth disease have a more pronounced challenge in controlling blood sugar levels because inflammation (gingivitis) in the mouth weakens the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels. Conversely, individuals with diabetes are at much higher risk of mouth disease because too much sugar in your blood can lead to excess sugar in your saliva (bacteria use sugar to make acid), creating the perfect breeding ground for gum disease and tooth decay. These toxic bacteria are released into the rest of the body, causing various reactions and inflammation. No wonder the phrase “the mouth is a window to the health of your body” has been coined.

A study found that participants with poorly managed diabetes, who were on insulin or oral diabetes medications, and followed a low GL diet for ten weeks, lost weight, lowered their cholesterol levels, and lowered their average blood sugar levels. Reducing dietary GL can be achieved by increasing the consumption of whole grains, nuts, legumes, fruit, and non-starchy vegetables and decreasing intakes of high-GI foods like pasta, white rice, most bread, breakfast cereals, etc. and all sugary foods.

It should now be clear what is synergistic between Slender Solutions and Platinum Dental to bring you mouth-to-body health. Healthy eating and oral health care are closely related to general health.

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