To weigh or not to weigh??


The anti-scale sentiment is rife in online forums, blogs, and health magazines. In researching for this blog post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that professionals in structured programs, like those used in research and commercial settings, are very likely to recommend regular self-weighing alongside regular exercise and self-monitoring of dietary intake as part of a behavioural weight loss intervention in adults.

A valid point about the anti-scale sentiment is that it is only one health measure, which can be very misleading, especially for active individuals that have increased lean muscle mass. Tracking weight loss using a regular scale provides limited insight. That is why we use the InBody assessment, a great tool to monitor changes in body composition scientifically. The InBody scale provides valuable statistics like your percentage of body fat, muscle mass, BMI and visceral fat level. The InBody scale is not a “shame machine” but a feedback mechanism that forms part of the holistic weight loss and health approach.

Research-based studies in scientific journals favour frequent self-weighing (i.e., Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Obesity, Science and Practice). The possible negative psychological consequences were not ignored, but the research demonstrated that the benefits of self-weighing in adult samples outweigh the bad.

Current research suggests that individuals who weigh themselves frequently lose more weight and are better at maintaining previous weight loss than those who do not weigh themselves as often. For example, the National Weight Control Registry (USA), which is a database of individuals who have lost at least 30 lbs. and have kept the weight off for at least one year, has shown that 79% of successful weight loss individuals weigh themselves at least once a week.

79% of successful weight loss individuals weigh themselves at least once a week

National Weight Control Registry

At Slender Solutions, we recommend a two-weekly weigh-in while trying to lose weight and once the target weight has been reached, monitor your weight by weighing at least once a week.

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