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We are proud to be accredited providers of the Slender Wonder medical weight loss programme.

Developed by doctors, the programme helps to treat the cause of weight gain and obesity. Patients experience rapid weight loss results, in the first month of the programme, most female patients lose 4-6 kg per month (male patients usually lose more).

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Reflecting on our expectations is critical to nurturing good mental health. Karen at Calmer believes that being realistic about our expectations and managing our emotions can reduce stress and anxiety; if our expectations are too high, then stress, fear, and anxiety can cloud our judgment and affect our performance. Conversely, breaking the situation into smaller, more realistic expectations helps us focus on the positives, encouraging us to continue and ultimately achieve our goals.


There is overwhelming evidence for the effectiveness of regular physical activity in preventing several chronic diseases. Might it not only help to add life to our years but years to our lives? Exercise is so crucial that not walking an hour a day has been considered a “high-risk” behavior, alongside smoking, drinking excessively, and being obese.


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